The UCSB Chemistry Lab

30 Jan

As you may have heard, the field trip last week to the UCSB Chemistry Lab was an astounding success. We had a blast getting to experience some really interesting and exciting experiments, as well as put everything that we had already learned through the year so far to the test. I heard several times from members of the staff and the director of the lab how impressed with the students’ knowledge they were, which is a nice complement to hear for myself, for you the parents, but most importantly for the students themselves. I’ve said it many times, but we do have a remarkable group of minds in room 27, at this trip was a great opportunity for the students to see how all that they had learned in science this year could manifest in such a positive and incredibly interactive way.

I know that this trip will be one of the fondest memories they will take from their fifth grade year. Take a look at these awesome pictures, contributed by the wonderful parents who volunteered to help so that the trip could happen! Thanks again to all our families for your considered support of everyone’s success.



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