It’s been a while…

13 Nov

Okay, so as the year is fully underway and we are getting into the day in and day out routines in class, the days seem to be zipping by. This comes with my embarrassment at not having updated my blog in almost two weeks(!), and the lack of updates.

We’ve been doing a lot of really great things, that’s for sure, and there hasn’t been a lack of interesting things to write about. In science we’ve been studying the varied states of matter, and I see the students looking at the world around them, at least a little bit, in a new and interested way. Never again will they take a lump of sugar or an ice cube for granted, thanks to some beautiful labs we did involving density, mass and why matter changes states. Every science lesson is hands on and very involved, and the students love the opportunity to work with materials they see almost every day to expand their understanding of science and the universe.

You may have heard, but in my language arts group we’ve been reading The Hobbit, a timelessly remarkable story written in 1937 that is perhaps one of the most recognized fantasy books of all time. Despite a few initial groans from the girls about having to read a book wherein bearded dwarves set out on a quest to plunder riches from a dragon, almost all are deeply engrossed by this point. In line with our reading about heroes and epic adventures, the students are writing an essay on a real-life hero of their choice, and also picking an actual event that happened to that person to accompany their essay with a narrative story. Writing both an expository essay and a narrative story about the same individual will give them a very strong sense of the two different forms of composition.

In social studies we’ve been producing some absolutely beautiful Native American “1-pagers”, assignments that involve a lot of student synthesis of information and some remarkable inferences on their part. The assignment is multifaceted; the product includes a set of higher-order questions, a thoughtful poem, and “I believe” statement and ample use of applicable imagery. See some wonderful examples below…

I’ll work on posting more often, as I initially intended. Tomorrow, as always, will be another great day.


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